The process

From the arctic sea to Norður salt flakes

Our salt production is about combining two forces of nature; geothermal energy and the Arctic Ocean.

At our salt production facility in Karlsey, Reykhólar, we use both geothermal water directly from the geothermal wells at Reykhólar as well as geothermal exhaust water from our neighbours, Thorverk, who collect and dry seaweed.

We use geothermal energy as our sole source of energy to fuel our salt making process

We lead the geothermal water to our evaporation tank through a titanium heat exchanger while we constantly pump fresh seawater to the tank to be evaporated. Inside the tank, the seawater evaporates and the salinity level increases.
The tank is specifically designed to boil seawater at 70°C/168°F, as we apply sub-atmospheric pressure, similar to Mount Everest-like thin air conditions, that allows us to actually boil at such low temperatures.
The tank is made from stainless steel and designed to withhold a tremendous amount of pressure, hence its nickname “grey submarine”.

This particular method gives us unique salt brine due to the fact that we don’t “burn” the seawater. Therefore our salt has more ratios of trace minerals making the unique seawater of Breiðafjörður bay clearly distinguishable in the taste of our salt.

When the salinity levels have reached the right level, we start filtering the salt brine to ensure the highest quality of sea salt. After filtering, the salt brine is transferred to open pans where the true art form of our salt making begins.

A combination of craftmanship, technical solutions and tradition

Here, the human touch is a vital factor as the salt is hand harvested to precisely ensure the right texture and taste of the salt flakes. We use a combination of craftsmanship, technical solutions and tradition to make our salt. All of these factors contribute to the essence of our work: creating an extraordinary product that enhances our everyday lives and makes each dining experience unique.

When the salt flakes have been raked from the pans, they are dried, using geothermal heating, and put into airtight packaging to secure the moisture level of the salt flakes. Once the salt has been packaged correctly, the salt flakes are ready to be enjoyed.

Using renewable energy to the fullest extent possible

In all of our processes and at all stages of our salt-making, we use geothermal energy. The geothermal energy is used to make brine in our tank and then used again both to heat the open-air-pans and as well to dry the salt, allowing us to achieve the perfect moisture composition of every salt flake.

From the beginning, we have set a high bar in ensuring that our production facility is as environmental friendly as possible. In all our processes we use geothermal energy; both directly from the geothermal wells at Reykhólar and even reusing Thorverk geothermal exhaust water. This is part of our vision to battle waste and find value in something that was not regarded as valuable before.