The team

Behind Norður Salt is a team of creative and vibrant individuals, each with his or her own purpose and approach to the product. Our aim is to be diverse and design our product from multiple angles. The background of every member of our team has an affect on the total experience of Norður Salt. So, here is a chance to get to know us a little bit and feel free to contact us.

Søren Rosenkilde
Søren Rosenkilde Head of Product Design & Co-Founder

Søren Rosenkilde is co-founder and Head of Product Design at Norður & Co. Søren’s main tasks are to make delicious food prototypes, assuring quality, and making sure that the people working at Norður & Co stay at their peak fitness level.

Søren Rosenkilde Head of Product Design & Co-Founder

Søren Rosenkilde is a Danish entrepreneur and architect from Aarhus school of Architecture. The crown jewel of his architectural and entrepreneurial career is Norður & Co’s production facility.

Søren is married to Sandra, an Icelander; together they have a boy, Jón Páll, named after the legendary Icelandic strongman, Jón Páll Sigmarsson.

Søren grew up on a farm in Southern Denmark. At an early age Søren became interested in how honest food products were produced. Participating in the work on the farm, Søren learn that every little detail counts in the process of making food products, and that you actually can taste the difference resulting from a sustainable approach and hard work. This passion eventually became established in the vision of Norður & Co.

Styrmir karlsson
Styrmir Karlsson Creative chef & Sales

As a creative chef at Norður & Co, Styrmir takes part in product development and quality assurance for each and every product.

Styrmir Karlsson Creative chef & Sales

Styrmir Karlsson is an amazing chef who knows how to really enjoy life. As a gourmet man, he has worked for the top restaurants in Iceland and Europe. He resides in Iceland with his girlfriend Hulda and son Benjamin.

He picked his food interest up from his grandmother. Together they won a national pancake competition when Styrmir was young and since then there was no turning back.


Søen Rosenkilde & Garðar Stefánsson

Where it all began

The company Norður & Co is a collaboration and practice of common vision by Gardar Stefansson and Søren Rosenkilde, that started in the autumn of 2012. Their vision is the cornerstone of the Norður & Co enterprise and can be found under the philosophy section of this website.

Gardar and Søren had known each other for years, as they first met in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2008. There through their wives’ acquaintance, they became immediate friends and spent their spare time from study jogging and discussing philosophical issues, ideas and the possibilities to enhance life. It is through this friendship that Norður & Co originates. Today, Norður & Co is a company that has unlimited passion as its main ingredient.

Norður & Co’s first product is Norður Salt, sustainable arctic sea salt flakes made by using geothermal energy. In the future, the company plans to broaden the product portfolio and create more products that all will be in the Norður line of sustainable, affordable, high-quality products.